Greek Bands & Dancing

Music… Dancing… Singing…

The Greeks call it “KEFI” – when the music is playing and the joys of life consume you making you want to jump, dance and yell OPA! The Las Vegas Greek Food Festival is all about KEFI!

Let the continuous live Greek music from The Las Vegas Greek Festival fill you with joy. Enjoy the energetic live traditional Greek dance performances by St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church’s own folk dance festival winning dancers.

Saturday Day 3 (101)

THE OLYMPIANS started their band as three teenagers in 1976 in Southern California. They soon developed a notorious reputation for their ability to energize a party and keep the dance floor full. It wasn’t long before they were the favorite among many Greek communities across the Western United States. After performing for 37 years, recently the Olympians were inducted into the Western Diocese Folk Dance Festival Heritage Hall of Fame. Today, the Olympians combine a versatile arsenal of modern and traditional instrumentation and have developed a vast repertoire of diverse music.

etho-ellasETHO ELLAS has been together for over 14 years and is composed of musicians from Chicago, Denver and now Las Vegas. Dependent on venue, the band will feature up to four musicians and two vocalists, male and female. All of the band’s participants have worked professionally for years in Greek nightclubs and have performed with top Greek Artists. This year’s St. John the Baptist Greek Food Festival will feature Costas Andoniadis and Lia Vasilakopoulou as featured guests; George Andretsos, guitarist from Denver, Angelo Fotopoulos, keyboard from Chicago and Yiannis Fotopoulos, bouzouki from our very own Las Vegas.

Greek Folk Dance

Dancing - Delfinia

We are very proud of the Greek Folk Dance ministry at St. John the Baptist. Under the direction of our fabulous volunteer dance instructors, these young dancers begin practice in August in preparation for competition at the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance and Choral Festival. Held annually in February, the Dance and Choral Festival is attended by hundreds of dancers from all over the San Francisco Metropolis.

Each year we have seen tremendous growth in our number of participants and in the ability of the dancers. We are blessed in this community that so many of our children want to learn about their Greek culture through dance and song and that we have such dedicated volunteer instructors willing to work with our kids. We have also been able to highlight some of our own youth musicians in the performances.